Storage tips

We at Flexi Storage understand how much your valuables mean to you, therefore we have come up with tips and tricks that will allow you to maximize space and optimize preservation.

Fragile Items

  • Ensure that all fragile items such as glass wear is wrapped individually with packing paper, tissue, linen or bubble wrap.

  • When placing items into a box ensure that the bottom is stacked with linen or scrunched up paper to ensure the safety of your goods.

  • If empty spaces are visible please fill the gaps with packing paper, scrunched up or newspapers to ensure all items are secure, making it easy to transition to unit.

  • Please ensure that boxes are labeled fragile, to ensure that these items are handled with care.



  • Remove all items from wardrobes or shelving units. Wipe down items giving them a layer of protection before storing. Let them air dry to avoid discoloration and vacuum items such as sofas where crumbs may attract vermin.

  • Remove legs and boards if possible, to make for easy transition as well as maximize the space of your units.

  • Protect your furniture by using the right materials. Ensure that fragile items are wrapped using bubble wrap as well blunt parts such as table and chair legs. Avoid plastic package material. Instead, use cloths, covers, or sheets to keep dust away.


  • Layer photos with sheets of acid-free paper to ensure they do not stick together.

  • Don’t store photographs with newspaper clippings, as it will damage the photos

  • Ensure they are stored in a temperature controlled environment to avoid heat exposure.


Books and Documents

  • Never keep books or documents in a humid spot as mold can grow.

  • Pack books or documents into boxes or plastic containers, making sure they are moisture proof.

  • Put the heaviest books at the bottom of box or container to ensure the boxes do not collapse.

Clothing, Apparel and Linens

  • Wash before storing as stains will be harder to remove over time. Dirty clothes can attract vermin’s that could possibly damage your apparel.

  • Use airtight plastic containers with a lid is a great option to preserve your items and avoid growth of mildew.



  • Ensure metals are placed in a controlled environment as excessive humidity can lead to metal corrosion.

  • Wipe down items with oil before storing to prevent rust.

Electronic Equipment

  • Repackaging items in original boxes are ideal but equipment’s can also be stored in other suitable cartons available.

  • Ensure all items are cleaned thoroughly especially kitchen appliances.

* Items such as fridge or freezers ensure are defrosted to avoid mold.


Battery operated appliance

  • Ensure batteries are removed to avoid leakage and damage to your goods

  • Pack it
    It is highly recommended to use the appropriate packaging materials to maintain your goods.

  • Lock it
    We encourage our customers to use a high security padlock, With a shackle diameter of less than 8mm.

  • Gain access